Rolfing® Testimonials


Robyn Martin introduced me to Rolfing® in 1977 while I was recovering from a severe back injury and had been told by doctors to "live with it".  I got Rolfed and my "incurable" back injury was gone.  She also encouraged me to become a Rolfer and do this work I was now so passionate about when everyone else thought I was crazy.  I was certified as a Rolfer® in 1981.  Later when she decided to train I was privileged to write her letter of recommendation.  Today she is my personal Rolfer®.  With her bevy of ancillary skills Robyn brings to the table the technical ability and compassion for the human experience to make your Rolfing® sessions a transformation.

        David Clark, Advanced Certified Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner, Instructor at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO

I have been a massage therapist for 12 years. (MA025081).  In my twenties I had scoliosis. In 1998, a few months after I got my license, I could not work without being in excruciating pain, because at that time also had herniated disks (L5 & S1). After I went through the complete Rolfing series with Robyn Martin, my back pain went away and even my scoliosis disappeared. After all these years I do not have problems with my back.  I am a true believer in Rolfing Therapy-it made it possible for me to keep doing the work I love.

        Silvia Gimenez, Massage Therapist, Canyon Ranch Spa

I'm in a state of awesome balancy goodness due to you! I sleep better, I work better, I FEEL better. I'm so glad I found your practice. You make my life better. Thank you!

        Melissa Cook, Computer Graphic Artist

Before becoming a client of Robyn's I was suffering from pain and stiffness in my left shoulder blade area, and a general feeling of tightness throughout my upper body. As a professional musician, any physical discomfort is always a cause of alarm for me. Going through the series of 10 Rolfing sessions, the pain subsided and my body began to feel lighter, my muscles moved with more freedom, and movement became more fluid. In addition, Robyn's calming presence helped alleviate my fears.
         I continue to be a Rolfing client, arranging a session with Robyn every 3-6 months, particularly before a busy performing schedule. I know this maintenance program has helped keep me pain-free this past year and a half. I can't think of a more important change for me than being able to enjoy my music and perform without anxiety, and I look forward to future years of Rolfing sessions with Robyn!

        Christine MacPhail, Professional harpist,

I was blessed to learn about Rolfing and Robyn through a friend at work.  At the time, I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis on both feet, as well as general wear and tear from running and training to for my first marathon.  I have had multiple Cortisone shots, physical therapy, and orthotics to deal with the Planar Fasciitis.  Although, all these helped to alleviate the pain, the first minutes of my day were very painful until I did some stretching.    After doing the 10 visit program, I noticed considerable improvement in my posture, alignment of my feet on my running stride, and best of all…the morning heel pain went away!  I have ran, since, five marathons, three half marathons (including the Disney Goofy race and a half- ½ marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday), and many other races…no heel pain!   Now, every time that I feel that my body needs a tune-up and alignment, my first call is to Robyn!
        Victor Toro, Engineer


I truly believe I have Robyn Martin to thank for my ability to walk normally today.  I suffered a soft-tissue injury several years ago that caused severe pain in my hip and leg.  Even with high doses of prednisone and serious pain-killers I was still not able to walk without pain.  After a few sessions of Rolfing I experienced a huge improvement and in a few months I was able to resume all my normal activities without any medications.  It has been two years and I am still both pain-free and medication-free. 
        Birgit Fioravante, Opera Singer

I have multiple injuries as well as severe scoliosis which have all caused me extreme pain for most of my life.  I have to admit that I had given up hope and resigned myself to an existence of this quickly increasing and debilitating pain.  I was doing THREE HOURS of yoga EVERY day in addition to other exercise therapy EVERY day.  Even so, I was afraid to even walk up stairs because of my knees and back.  I would hurt so badly that it would wake me up at night.  I can honestly say that Rolfing and Robyn Martin completely changed my life.
        After trying multiple methods both separately and in concert with one another, including chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy, I found Rolfing to be the only permanent fix.  The other methods would simply serve as “band aids,” just getting me from one visit to the next and never lasting more than a week at best.  Rolfing has been changing my body structure drastically and freeing me from the pain and time constraints that I had been learning to tolerate.  I continue to attend Rolfing sessions and plan to do so forever!
        Robyn is truly an artist as well as a healer.  Her dedication is certainly evident in the direct physical results of her therapy.  In addition, however, she is constantly learning more to further improve her Rolfing by independent research via books, the internet, continuing education seminars and her exploration of complementary practices.  She does not simply “work” as a Rolfer, she lives it!  Her approach is painless and gentle without sacrificing any of the effectiveness of Rolfing. 

        Aaron Houts, College Professor

Robyn, I wanted to let you know how important you have been in my overall health program. From time to time I have had discomfort caused by traveling stress or because I twisted something that effected the alignment of my spine.  In every case you corrected the problem and it did not reoccur.  Sometimes I just have had the need for a skeletal tune-up and always left your office feeling better.  Thank you for helping me maintain good health.  

        Larry Umstadter, President and CEO, KeLa Energy, LLC

When I first moved to Florida I had the great pleasure of receiving work with Robyn. As an Alexander teacher, I thought I already had a lot of kinesthetic awareness, but I gained so much more from my Rolfing sessions! When Robyn referred her clients to me, I found them wonderfully easy to work with, much more open and ready for their Alexander lessons than is typical of new students. Robyn is a highly intuitive and skilled Rolfer, with the patience and creativity to work with anyone.

        Tully Hall, AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher,

Robyn is my "miracle worker".  Not only has her Rolfing technique kept my ever aging body structure aligned, it has saved me from having surgery.   I was experiencing numbness in my right hand due to a pinched ulnar nerve.  My medical doctor suggested surgery to repair it.  After one Rolfing session with Robyn, the numbness went away and the dexterity of my finger movement dramatically improved.
        Bob Minnick, Safety and Facility Engineer

After years of receiving shots for back pain, I tried Rolfing and found the relief I had been seeking for so long. I no longer need the shots and am now living pain-free.  Robyn’s Rolfing technique is both effective and painless and I have recommended her work to many of my friends and clients.
        J.H., Mental Health Counselor 

Rolfing with Robyn is a pleasure. It has enhanced my life and my yoga practice and is deep and broad but quite painless. In fact, it feels great! 

        Barry Sowder, Avatar Master and Anusara-inspired Yoga Teacher

I saw you yesterday (for a Rolfing session).  I felt so good this morning when I woke up and I had no numbness in either one of my hands; so you are my new champion!   I so appreciate it and all of your insight...I’m ready to moon-walk on the ceiling, and that’s a very good thing!

        Sara Vorhees, Registered Nurse, and Flight Attendant

I have used the services of a Rolfer for many years and was concerned about finding someone qualified when I moved into the Orlando area.  My fears subsided when I met with Robyn Martin, Certified Advanced Rolfer.  She is not only professional and approachable in her demeanor, but her knowledge of Rolfing is vast.  She has helped me to maintain my health and alignment in my body, and always has great ideas on exercises to work on specific trouble areas.  I can highly recommend her services.  
        Patricia L.

As a working actress- I know how important it is to be in the best physical shape I can and that stress, age and old injuries can affect my performance- thank goodness for Robyn!  I went to her for the complete Rolfing series several years ago - and what a difference it made - I felt longer, leaner, more in alignment afterwards and I have gone to her periodically over the years for a "tune-up"  My favorite area to be worked on is the jaw area- where a lot of tension can be held- she gently kneads my jaw area, mouth, skull - it's one of those things you’ve GOT to experience.
           Robyn is very professional- this is not a "big-box" massage at the spa thing - this is a well researched and scientific body therapy - you will be there longer than 50 minutes - it's about the work with Robyn and not the time clock - she is a healer and professional - she will teach you and give you insight into good body mechanics. So - if you been hurting ...or just wondering what is Rolfing all about - go to Robyn - let her take care of you!

        Marty Stonerock, Actress 

After experiencing severe discomfort in my neck area for years, and not knowing where to turn, a friend suggested that I try Rolfing.  With some trepidation I decided to go through the sessions, and the results have been life changing.  You cannot put a price tag on a pain-free day, and the Rolfing experience has given me just that.


I had to tell you how much better I feel (after being Rolfed yesterday).  It’s amazing to me that when i’m back in alignment how much better I feel.  When I work up this morning I had more enthusiasm and my body feels so good-I went on a three mile bike ride. It’s just awesome!

        Michelle Borton, R.N., BSN, Director of Patient/Physician Relations, Vascular Vein Centers

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