Advanced Rolfing® Sessions


“Strength that has effort is not what you need; you need the strength that is the result of ease.”                                                            Ida Rolf, PhD., Founder of Rolfing

After someone has completed the basic Rolfing® ten series...then what?

At the end of the tenth session of Rolfing, many people feel integrated and complete and do not need further Rolfing for awhile. Sometimes taking some time off from the work is beneficial and gives the body a chance to further integrate.  The body will keep changing from the work for a long time, depending upon the amount of stress or physical challenges it encounters.  Then it may be beneficial  to come in for a short series of sessions, usually 1-3, for realignment.

For others who may have complicated structural issues (such as prior surgeries, severe scoliosis or injuries from a bad accident), or physically demanding jobs (such as landscapers, hairdressers, or massage therapists), coming in for on-going maintenance, say every month or two, may be recommended.

For many, Rolfing becomes part of their regular program of self-care.  As you continue with Rolfing, your body awareness greatly increases, allowing a preventative approach to your health and well-being. You become well equipped to handle the stresses and challenges in life. Also, Rolfing will assist you in keeping your structure free from restrictions and limitations.

Many thanks to my awesome client and model, Trish Tondryk.

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