Rolf® Movement


Rolfing® Movement Integration is a separate system of work which enhances the benefits of the Rolfing series.  While Rolfing focuses on the body’s structure, Rolfing movement focuses on it’s function. 

Your body is designed to move, but when it’s dealing with stress or repetition, tension can result. Rolfing movement is an educational process by which clients begin to experience their body with increased awareness, thus allowing them to prevent strain in stressful situations, conditions of repetitive motion, or physical challenges.

“As he becomes more erect, man moves towards his evolutionary potential.                       Ida Rolf, Founder of Rolfing

Rolfing movement uses the breath, small motions, and simple exercises to free the body of tension. Sometimes the practitioner will “role-play” with the client, simulating challenging situations of a job, sport, or hobby and teaching how to do these activities in a more skillful way. Other times the client may be guided through breathing or visual exercises that can be used at home, as a need arises.  In this way, the client is empowered to “be their own therapist” and so learn to be preventative in terms of their own healthcare.

Part of most Rolfing sessions will contain a few moments of Rolfing Movement education, but the client can schedule a separate session, where the focus will be entirely on movement.  Presently, Rolfing Movement sessions are 90 minutes and cost $120 per session.


Thanks to my client and model, Peter Tondryk.

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